Friday, 8 April 2016

Restaurant Review: Speedos Cafe - Bondi Beach

 Hello friends! Today my housemate and I took a trip to Bondi and found our way to Speedos Cafe! It was super busy when we arrived (and after tasting the food myself, I'm sure it's always busy!) and we had to wait a little bit for a table but were soon seated and ready to go! Speedos has a mix of breakfast and lunch meals with quite a few vegan options as well as vegan desserts and drinks!

 Here's our spread that came out super fast too after ordering! I went for the Peanut Nutter drink - an almond milk based drink with Peanut Butter, Macca Powder, Bananas, Dates and Cinnamon. I didn't get an individual picture of this but it was DELICIOUS and super creamy, I don't even know if I would try something else when I visit again because it was so nice! 

 I ordered the Pink Pittaya Bowl ($16) with Mango, Coconut, Strawberries, Blackberries, Passionfruit, Kiwi and Granola - firstly, it is absolutely beautiful looking and secondly, it was freaking delicious! It was super refreshing and the massive bowl was overflowing with goodness and I was (and still am) incredibly full after eating it all!

Next is Steph's Chia Pancake Stack ($19) which was insane, beautiful and tasty all mixed together! This came with fruits (caramelized banana being the favourite!) with your choice of Cocowhip (which is always a hell yes from either of us!) and absolutely covered in maple syrup. I would definitely have this next time after I tasted hers - the only complaint was the pancake itself was a little dry! Mixed in all together though was ridiculously good.

This is a definite must-visit restaurant for me after today - the presentation of the food, the vibe being right across from the beach and even though it was extremely busy, all the people working there were still super friendly and looked after us. And most importantly, everything tasted AMAZING so we both have voted we go back again!

Have you been here/what's your favourite meal?

As always, thank you for reading! XO