Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mini Haul - Aromi Beauty!

I picked up a few new products from one of my absolute favourite brands - Aromi Beauty. They are a completely vegan brand that have a range of lip products that they are quite known for, eyeshadows and perfumes. I have a lot of the liquid lipsticks (reviews here, here and here) and some of the scents but I haven't tried anything else so far until now!

I picked up three of the lipsticks in shades Wildberry - a bold magenta colour, Poppy - a vibrant red-orange and Jacqueminot - a lovely red. They are all pigmented, super moisturizing and creamy, I think these would be perfect for all year round especially in cooler months as wearing matte lipsticks can definitely dry your lips out and instead these will leave them nice and smooth. I can't wait to try them out properly as I love the liquid lipsticks so much, I don't think these will let me down either! 

I also picked up some loose mineral eyeshadows in the colours Champagne - a beautiful light yellow shimmery goodness shade, perfect for under highlighting or even as an all over lid colour, Khaki - a goldish/greenish matte shade that I'm in love with already and Bronze - a sparkly chocolate brown that I'm excited to test out! All shades are super pigmented and soft.

Lastly, I couldn't help myself and picked up one of the newer shades of the liquid lipsticks - Neon Red - a bright red with pink undertones - LOOOOOVE!

As I said, Aromi Beauty is a wonderful, lovely brand that is handmade, cruelty free, vegan and their packaging is as great as their products (and that's saying something - look at those boxes!) - I definitely would recommend these to anyone and everyone.

If you'd like to see any of the liquid lipsticks/swatches I have, I can do another post!

As always, thank you for reading! XO

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Testing New Skincare Products!

Another one of my resolutions this year was to try new skincare products! I've actually put in effort in removing my make-up properly/cleaning my face daily this past month and I've noticed a massive difference. I was always the type to use wipes and be done or sleep with a face of makeup. (I've probably slept with my makeup on more times than I haven't - oops!)

I was in Mecca a few weeks back and decided to pick these two products up from REN - I absolutely LOVE the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (speaking of which I need to purchase a new one!) by the brand so I wanted to try more!

I recently have ran out of my Innoxa Thirsty Skin Day And Night Creme which is my absolute favourite so I wanted to try something new in the mean time - The Ultra Moisture Day Cream is a moisturizer that is suppose to replenish your complexion and leave the skin hydrated and smooth, it's not too thick so you can wear it underneath make-up with no problem and it absorbs easily into your skin, it has a clean/soap smell and I've loved it for both days that I'm wearing a full face of make-up or nothing at all! However I still will be picking up a new Innoxa D&N Creme as I find I need something a little heavier for night!

As I mentioned, I absolutely love one of the masks from REN I've previously tried so I was excited to try this out too! This is a purifying clay mask that is suppose reduce and refine pores and blackheads and leave the skin looking smoother and clearer. After my first try - I already enjoyed it and loved the way my skin and make-up applied the next day! I always have problem issues around my nose and tops of my cheeks and this has been helping to combat it, I like that it doesn't feel too heavy when it dries and it's easily removed with water because a lot of clay masks can be hard to get rid of! Definitely a new favourite to my skincare routine!

I'm thinking I might do a skincare "routine" type of post soon so you can see the few products I use!

Have you tried any REN products or any recommendations for me?!

And as always, thank you for reading! XO

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Try On/Swatches: Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks

Today I'm here with a few of the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks - this is all six shades and the same deal as the million others I own, they apply as a very pigmented gloss and dry to fully matte. These are long lasting and affordable, I purchased them straight from the Sleek website and shipping is only a few dollars as well!

Let's start with my favourite shade of the entire bunch - "Petal", a rose-pink nude which, super wearable and great for every day!

Next is "Birthday Suit" which is more of a brown nude shade and it surprised me how much I ended up liking it!

Then we have "Fandango Purple" which I find to be quite berry on my lips but I really enjoy this shade!

This is "Brink Pink" an absolutely crazy bright pink that the camera can't even pick up it's true colour!

"Party Pink" - another intense pink shade but has more orange in it!

Lastly, "Rioja Red" another favourite of the bunch, beautiful colour that makes my lips seem super full!

I love these lip colours, all shades are opaque and long lasting even the lighter/nude colours, the only issue I've had so far is if I want to touch up I have to remove the entire lipstick and then reapply otherwise applying the liquid over the matte creates a whole big chunky mess but that's not really a big deal as I barely have to touch up with these!

I think they're especially great for people on a budget or if you're someone like me and can't get enough of liquid lipsticks!

Have you tried any of these, what are your thoughts?

And as always, thank you for reading! XO

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Top Pink Vegan Lipsticks!

 Hello and happy new year everyone! My only "resolulation" of the year is to blog more! So I thought what better way than to share my top pink vegan lipsticks(/products) with you, these are from a range of different brands and formulas!

I've done a previous post about my top red lipsticks if you would like to read that here and I'll try to link any individual reviews I've done on any of them as I couldn't narrow it down to less than 10 so we'll probably be here all day!

Shanghai Suzy | Shade: Miss Sanja
My all time favourite brand of lipsticks, I've done reviews and swatches of these here and here! Matte with a slight sheen and non-drying formula, long lasting, pigmented in one swipe and smells of grape bubble gum, beautiful colour with a slight purple undertone!

Shanghai Suzy | Shade: Miss Melissa
Very deep hot pink shade, almost red - perfect formula and a lovely bold colour!

Dose Of Colors | Shade: Seductive
Similar to Miss Sanja but a little deeper and a satin finish, love love love!

Aromi Beauty Liquid Lipsticks | Shade: Electric Orchid
Featured in a previous favourites post, this is still one of my favourite shades of lipstick I own - applies as liquid and dries to a matte perfection, lasts forever and doesn't budge!

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks | Shade: Melted Fuchsia
This wouldn't be a top lip products post without me mentioning a shade from this range, one of my absolute favourite formulas, super creamy, lasts forever with a delicious smell! A staple in my hand bag. Full review here!

E.L.F Studio Moisturizing Lipstick | Shade: Flirty & Fabulous
Another one that has featured in a favourites products, this is a very easy to wear, soft and lovely lipstick to wear! Perfect for every day, can be worn sheer or three swipes can make it extremely pigmented and it makes my lips feel wonderful!

Emani Organic Lip Shine | Shade: Name Dropper
This lip gloss can be worn on it's own or on top of a lipstick to add even more colour, it has a nice smell and it's too sticky!

Melt Cosmetics | Shade: Stupid Love
An extremely, extremely matte shade that I wouldn't actually be sharing if I didn't love the colour so much. I find this incredibly hard to apply as it's too dry, I have to warm it up by rolling it in between my hands first and then apply and sometimes even use a lip balm on top but I honestly love how matte and perfect it looks after I get it going!

OCC Lip Tar Matte | Shade: Queen
I recently picked up a few shades of these from Sephora in Australia and I hadn't tried this before but it's quickly became a fast favourite! The most pigmented and colour enriched lip products I've ever owned, lasts forever, will never have to repurchase a shade because the SMALLEST amount covers your entire lips and somehow I'm always left over with more!

OCC Color Pencil | Shade: Anime
Another recent purchase and I actually have the lip tar version of this that I love but the lip pencils are as amazing as the lip tars, pigmented and so wonderful! I can wear this on it's own, underneath anime or other shades and it looks so pretty!

And that's all of them!

I'm a lipstick fanatic and I'm constantly buying new (or shades I already have from other brands - oops!) to test out so this is just some I recommend to you!

If you have any you think I would love - please let me know!

As always, thank you for reading! xo