Friday, 10 October 2014

Dose Of Colors - Matte Lipsticks!

Hello friends! I'm sure by now you can tell lipstick is my thing (and by thing, I mean something I spend a ridiculous amount of money on even if I have the same shade and finish from 10 other brands) so once I saw Dose Of Colors had released four matte lipsticks, I was typing in my details faster than the website could load. 

Dose Of Colors is a brand that gets a lot of attention from beauty bloggers/youtubers and the best part is that all their lipsticks/lip glosses are cruelty free and vegan! I have a few of the original lipsticks that I'm sure I'll review sometime for you but today let's focus on these.

I got all four colours including a (very scary) purple!

Let's start with Kiss Of Fire that was featured in my monthly favourites and one I've been wearing constantly since I got these, nice orangey red that has a hint of red in different lighting. I've worn this both with and without a lip liner and had no issues with feathering or smudging!

Second is Merlot, a slightly deeper red shade which could have been a lot darker because there isn't that much difference between the two reds although, you definitely can't go wrong with good, long lasting reds so I'm not complaining that much!

Next is Berry Me, which completely surprised me how much I ended up liking it as it's super far away from my usual shades I enjoy but I love it and especially if you're somewhere that it's getting colder, I think it would be perfect!

Lastly is Purple Rain, one you'll most likely never see me wearing out of my own home as it's completely out of my comfort zone (and I don't think it looks flattering on me) but if you're into these, it's really pigmented and just as nice formula wise as the others!

All shades are super smooth and pigmented, they apply evenly and dry to a matte texture without being overly drying or cracking the lips. They are definitely long lasting however I don't find them to last as long as the Aromi Beauty liquid lipsticks through eating or drinking but I actually like these better because they don't feel as heavy and apply a lot more easily without smudging!

If there's any vegan lipsticks, you think I should try out or want to see a review on, definitely let me know!

As always, thank you for reading! XO

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