Monday, 29 December 2014

Sephora Australia Haul!

 Hello! I finally faced the crowds at the new and very first Sephora store in Australia, Sydney and picked up a few little treats for myself. Sephora here doesn't have a huge range of brands or products suitable for vegans and as it was super busy/they don't have an online website so far, I wasn't able to check much out so I stuck to what I knew!

 The first stand I went to was Cover Fx - a brand that offers a range of vegan products (bar a few lip products that contain beeswax or carmine) and it was amazing being able to test out each shade of foundation and concealer and not having to guess from online pictures! I picked up the Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation in the shade "N10" and I'll be posting a full review after I've tested this out properly.

Next I spotted the Becca stand and could not stop myself from purchasing this once I swatched it - the picture doesn't even do it justice at all, the Shimmering Skin Perfector in "Moonstone" is the most beautiful, creamy and soft highlighter and I can't wait to use it to make my skin glow!

 Lastly and my favourite purchases were from OCC! I picked up three lip tars in the shades "NSFW" "Psycho" and "Queen" - being able to test these in a store rather than scrolling through the internet looking at swatches was so much better and I'm surprised I was able to control myself from buying anymore. A little bit goes a long, long way with these and I'm excited to use my new shades!

Another purchase from OCC was four lip pencils in the shades Anime, Grandma, NSFW and feathered. Reently I've been loving just filling in my entire lips with a pencil and adding a little bit of lip balm on top and these would be perfect for this as they're super pigmented and soft to apply. They can be used underneath their matching lip tar or another suitable lipstick or just to outline your lip line to create full, pigmented lips without any feathering!

It was really fun being able to test and try the makeup in Sephora and even though they don't have much that I would be able to use, it was also fun just exploring and looking at it all. I most likely wouldn't visit Sephora again however unless I wanted to swatch more of the OCC lip products or they created a website so it was easier for me to see what was vegan and what wasn't - I did have an awesome day though!

Are there any brands or products I didn't pick up that you love and have you visited Sephora in Australia yet?! xo

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