Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Testing New Skincare Products!

Another one of my resolutions this year was to try new skincare products! I've actually put in effort in removing my make-up properly/cleaning my face daily this past month and I've noticed a massive difference. I was always the type to use wipes and be done or sleep with a face of makeup. (I've probably slept with my makeup on more times than I haven't - oops!)

I was in Mecca a few weeks back and decided to pick these two products up from REN - I absolutely LOVE the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (speaking of which I need to purchase a new one!) by the brand so I wanted to try more!

I recently have ran out of my Innoxa Thirsty Skin Day And Night Creme which is my absolute favourite so I wanted to try something new in the mean time - The Ultra Moisture Day Cream is a moisturizer that is suppose to replenish your complexion and leave the skin hydrated and smooth, it's not too thick so you can wear it underneath make-up with no problem and it absorbs easily into your skin, it has a clean/soap smell and I've loved it for both days that I'm wearing a full face of make-up or nothing at all! However I still will be picking up a new Innoxa D&N Creme as I find I need something a little heavier for night!

As I mentioned, I absolutely love one of the masks from REN I've previously tried so I was excited to try this out too! This is a purifying clay mask that is suppose reduce and refine pores and blackheads and leave the skin looking smoother and clearer. After my first try - I already enjoyed it and loved the way my skin and make-up applied the next day! I always have problem issues around my nose and tops of my cheeks and this has been helping to combat it, I like that it doesn't feel too heavy when it dries and it's easily removed with water because a lot of clay masks can be hard to get rid of! Definitely a new favourite to my skincare routine!

I'm thinking I might do a skincare "routine" type of post soon so you can see the few products I use!

Have you tried any REN products or any recommendations for me?!

And as always, thank you for reading! XO

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