Monday, 14 March 2016

A (very belated) February Vegan Beauty Box Unboxing!

 Hello again! I know it is almost the middle of March and I received this in February however with moving house and having to pack every thing - opening this got put on hold as it was still at my parents, I still wanted to share it with you guys in case you're curious/interested in subscribing to this service in the future!

 Straight on the top was this Atom - Coffee Body Scrub, I already love their Clay Mask that I've gotten in a box before and their pure argan oil so I'm definitely keen to try this! (RRP $5.59) - it's suppose to exfoliate and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, acne, eczema etc.

 Next up is the Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder in the shade Bondi Blush - (RRP 37.95) - this is definitely an expensive one! I've always wanted to try Ere Perez so I'm excited to have this to test for myself - it has a coral and pink side and is very pigmented so I want to see how it looks on the skin! 

 Something that was definitely disappointed was finding this lipstick broken into pieces and stuck into the lid (I'm guessing maybe the heat however that's never happened to me before) - although the tip is very messed up/it's hard to apply, luckily it's a neutral shade so I can still swatch and test it - this is by Lust Minerals in shade #57 - (RRP $32) - it has a lot of good butters and oils in it to help moisturize and nourish the lips and it's suppose to leave a long-lasting colour!

 I'm all into soaps recently (maybe it's to do with having a new bathroom to stock up in!) so I'm keen to try this one, it's by the Australian Natural Soap Company (RRP $5.50) and also you can't go wrong with cute little packaging!  Looking on their website they have so many to choose from so I'd be keen to try out some more too!

Happy Skincare 9 Deep Cleansing Balm (RRP $34.95) - I've definitely tried something else from this brand (or it could even be this product?!?!) and really enjoyed before so fingers crossed I like it again! This cleanses and moisturizes at the same time and you can use it in multiple areas of your body like frizzy hair, bottoms of your feet or a cuticle treatment so that's awesome!

And that's all for this month! (Well technically last month!) I'm very keen to try out these products and you get more than what you pay for which is a bonus. The only negative I have to say is about the lipstick but you know, stuff happens! I definitely think if you're wanting to try out a few new things and brands, give The Vegan Beauty Box a try - here's the link you can check out yourself and you can read here, here and here on previous unboxings I've done before and I've found some holy grail products through them!

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  1. Hey!

    I found your blog on Bloglovin and was really intrigued by this post. This box sounds like such a good idea and I love the blusher! Pity about the lipstick though because the colour looks so pretty and perfect for Spring.

    Sarah xx