Thursday, 2 June 2016

Vegan Liquid Lipsticks: Pros & Cons!

Hello friends! Today I'm going to compare my liquid lipsticks that I own and share the pros and cons of each ones including how they feel on the lips, the longevity, shade ranges, price, my favourite colours from each brand, etc! I mostly only wear liquid lipsticks so I thought it would be super easy for me to share with you and it would be a great informative post if you were looking into trying some for yourself! 

First up: Sleek - Matte Me Ultra Smooth Liquid Lips - $7.49
I actually have a swatch and review of 6 of these shades that you can read here! They have since released 6 more colours in the range too. 

- Very affordable!
- Quite a few different shades to choose from
- Easy to apply and smooth, even application 

- Not easily touched up, have to remove entire lipstick first
- Some of the lighter shades don't last as long 

Favourite shades:
Petal, Fantango Purple and Roja Red

Would I recommend to a friend?
Yes, especially on price and some of the shades are so pretty! 

Australis - Velourlips Matte Lip Creams - $10.49
These have a very mousey texture compared to the Sleek ones which is a lot thinner and watery, if you've ever tried the NYX matte lip creams, these are the same consistency! They come in 20 different shades and are available at Priceline!

- Only the darker shades apply well (on me) 
- The shades I enjoy have a nice texture and last long
- Affordable! 

- All of the lighter shades of these look and feel horrible
- Lighter shades crack easily and apply uneven
- Most of the shades I have tried I wouldn't use again 

Favourite shades:
Ny-cee (highly recommended!) and Doo-Bai

Would I recommend this to a friend?
Only one or two of the shades in the entire range. 

Kat Von D - Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks - $20 - $30 (au)
These are probably my favourite alongside Jeffree Star - I love these lipsticks! They come in 26 different shades and I want more of them!!

- Beautiful even and smooth finish
- Doesn't flake or crack
- Long lasting!!!
- Wand creates an easy application 
- So many pretty shades to choose from 

- Price in Australia a bit expensive (as with every overseas makeup item though!)

Favourite shades: 
Lovesick, Berlin, Outlaw and Bachelorette 

Would I recommend these to a friend?

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip - $6 - $8.29 (au)
I own so, so many of these! They come in 48 different colours and have also released satin finishes of these too (I haven't tried any!)

- Very affordable even in Australian Dollars
- Shades for everyone!!
- Nice applicator

- Extremely drying especially compared to others I have
- Some shades not what they look like on the website
- Shipping to Australia is ridiculous!!!

Favourite shades: 
Solow, 1st Base, Mars and Creeper

Would I recommend these to a friend?
Depending on shipping/if they bought enough for it to be worth it/they weren't bothered by the dryness!

 Jeffree Star - Velour Liquid Lipstick - $18 - $24 (au)
My favourite formula of liquid lipsticks! I think these are worth every single cent! Around 24 shades have been released. 

- Amazing formula!
- Applies evenly, pigmented and smooth
- Never cracks and lasts through food/drink 
- Many different shades
- Packaging is beautiful 

- Consistently sold out
- Some colours aren't as wearable 
- Some shades darker or lighter than they appear

Favourite shades:
Redrum (this is actually my favourite red lipstick I own), Masochist and Doll Parts 

Would I recommend these to a friend?
100%, yes!! 

 Dose Of Colors - Matte Liquid Lipsticks - $18 - $24 (au) 
I have a review on the first 4 shades they ever released here on my blog and round 16 shades have been released now. I don't usually reach for these at all but they used to be a favourite of mine!

- Nice, thin and pigmented formula
- Some very pretty shades! 
- Not drying and super comfortable to wear!

- Similar to Jeffree Star, sold out consistently 
- The lighter shades I've tried look absolutely awful on me 
- Doesn't last as long as others 

Favourite shades:
Kiss Of Fire and Berry Me/Berry Me 2 

Would I recommend these to a friend?
Yes, I love some of these shades! 

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics - Liquid Lipsticks - $12 -$16 (au)
I only have three of these shades but I enjoy them however they aren't something I reach for either. They have 16 shades to offer. 

- Very comfortable to wear and cannot feel them!
- The shades I do have are nice!
- Affordable

- A lot of the shade range is not my style/wearable
- Because the formula is thin, wears off easily
- Shipping took a long, long time

Favourite shades:
Spellbook and Zombettie

Would I recommend them to a friend?
Probably not, they are quite good however I think unless they were into the shade range they are better off spending it on another brand. 

Aromi Beauty - Matte Liquid Lipsticks - $17 - $23 (au) 
These were the first vegan liquid lipsticks I ever tried and I have quite a few shades! This is a reminder to myself to use these more often because I actually love the formulation and the colours I own! They have released around 33 different shades.

- Love their shade range; a lot of different toned reds which are my favourite to wear!
- Very good brand, costumer service and shipping!
- Long-wearing, pigmented and non-drying
- Velvety and smooth 

I actually don't even have a con for this brand, it isn't my favourite formula however I think price, shades and longevity are all great and they aren't sold out every time!

Favourite shades:
Pretty much any of the reds and pinks! 

Would you recommend these to a friend?
Yes, yes, yes!

 Hourglass Cosmetics - Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks - $28 to $44!!! (au) 
The most expensive on this list but a few of the shades I absolutely adore! I think there's about 9 shades in their range.

- Nice, creamy texture
- Not too drying
- Pigmented and applies very smoothly
- The nude shades are my favourite nude lipstick shades I own and don't make me look awful!!!

- Expensive af
-  Not as long wearing as others I own
- The liquid inside dries out easily/not much product for your money

Favourite shades:
Rose and Canvas

Would I recommend them to a friend?
Maybe as a treat to themselves or to receive as a present! 

And that's all of them! I hope this was helpful to you especially if you haven't really tried liquid lipsticks before, I know they're not for everyone but there are some definite winners out there!

If you have any vegan liquid lipsticks you'd like to recommend, go ahead!

As always, thank you for reading! XO

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