Saturday, 2 May 2015

Top Vegan Berry/Purple Lipsticks

Hello friends! I'm here with some of my favourite picks for those berry purple shades that are perfect for Autumn and Winter months! I don't usually wear deep lip shades but when I do, these are the ones I love!

I've previously done a top vegan red and pink lipsticks!

1. Aromi Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick - Shade: Forbidden Fuschia $18
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much love I have for Aromi Beauty and especially their liquid lipsticks, this shade has been a favourite for a long time. It's more of a deep pink that I like to wear with purple clothing and it looks amazing! They are super long lasting and pigmented and they won't leave your lips super dry and cracked which is essential for the cold weather!

2. Australis Velourlips - Shade: Shang-Hi $9.95
This appears way more pink/brighter in the pictures but is definitely more purple in real life! I love this matte cream, similiar to the NYX butter cream things that I used to use years ago. It applies a lot thicker than any standard liquid lipstick but dries to a matte formulation. I really, really love this shade and I don't find it to be drying. However I do have to mention, I do not care one single bit for the lighter shades of these as they are all super patchy on me and look similiar to sunscreen on the lips - only the darker shades seem to be these beautiful, long wearing and creamy matte lipsticks. I love NY-CEE and BAR-THA-LONA as well!

3. ColourPop Lippie Stick - Shade: Heart On $5
You all know how much I adore these products! Super creamy, opaque and smooth to apply. Plus you cannot go wrong with the pricing. This is a matte magenta shade that I like to pair with either a deeper lip liner or worn by itself!

4. Shanghai Suzy Lipstick - Shade: Mrs French $12.99
This is from the new Autumn-Winter collection and it's super pretty! A nice deep maroon shade that is no fuss, easy to apply, easy to wear and can last all day or night. 

5. Dose Of Colors Matte Lipsticks - Shade: Berry Me $18
I've done a full review on 4 of these shades before here! They are super similiar to the Aromi Beauty ones but I like both! This colour is seriously beautiful, I never thought I would like it as much as I did when I bought the set but I've repurchased it because it's so nice. Dose Of Colors have released new shades since my intial review and I recently picked up the Terra Collection so I'll be posting that up here too! 

6. Sleeks Matte Me Lipstick - Shade: Fandango Purple
Another set I've done a review on here! I really love this colour, applies well (however I do need to remove it completely then re apply if I ever want to touch up) and I don't find them to be overly drying. This is a nice purple pink, perfect for those that don't like super bold deeper shades but are wanting to try something different!

And that's all of them, most of these brands are brands I have multiple colours in and I love the formulation all together so even if purple/berry ain't your thing, you should definitely check out what shades they have to offer!

As always, thank you for reading! XO

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