Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

Hello friends! A very long and overdue review is about these CoverFX Custom Cover Drops - I've been using them for a few months now and they've become an every day product for me, depending what I'm doing or what type of look I'm wanting, I use a few different products with these so I'll be sharing those too!

If you're new to this product, it's basically a pigment that you can mix with other products to create and customize your foundation and the coverage you want. It comes in so many different shades from light to dark with three different undertones (pink, neutral and golden.) You can mix this with moisturizers, primers or even other foundations that don't match you to make a better match.

I use the shade N10 because it's the lightest they offer and I find it matches better than any other foundation I use - I'm super, duper pale! 

It's suppose to be 1 drop equals to sheer coverage and up to 4 drops equals full coverage which I don't really like. as with the dropper I can't really tell how much I'm using or how much has come out but I work with it. I don't use this on it's own and although I've read others have, it definitely doesn't work for me especially with my dry skin so I'll share what I've been using it with!

I love this Coverall Cream Foundation by Wet 'N' Wild - it's super affordable and I love the finish I get with it however it's just a tad too dark for my skin so I mix a couple of drops in with this to change the shade or when I want a really full coverage look as it doesn't dry matte or ruin the finish of the original foundation! I think that's one of the best parts of the drops, you can basically make any of your foundation match you!

I picked up this Illuminating Primer from CoverFX at the same time I purchased the Cover Drops and I love it! It makes my skin look so glowy and healthy with zero shimmer. I don't mix the drops directly with this primer like I know you're suppose to - I apply them over the top of the primer as I find it works and lasts better that way on me! I use 1 drop and this if I'm wanting a fresh look for work!

A newer product I've been loving to mix in with the drops is this Atom - Moroccan Argan Oil that I recently received in my Vegan Beauty Box! These two used over the top of the Illuminating Primer is fresh/glowy skin heaven! You can use whatever type of oil you prefer, I've just been reaching for this for the past week and a half!

Similar to the other primer, I use this underneath the drops just like a regular foundation! I didn't enjoy this mixed together as it made my skin incredibly dry and flaky for some reason!
This would be perfect for those who want a matte finish!

And that's my opinion on the drops and the few products I use with them! The only negative I really have are, like I said, the dropper itself not disbursing the same amount of product each time and I would love even more shades! I still am testing this out as I try new products with it but using the oil or mixed with the Wet 'N' Wild foundation are my favourite ways so far!

As always, thank you for reading! XO

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