Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Unboxing: Late Winter Vegan Beauty Box

Hello friends! I'm here with one of my new favourite things to recieve every month (technically every second month!) and it's the Vegan Box Beauty Edition! I actually got this in the mail on my birthday (August 6th) so it was even more exciting and explains the balloons in the background! This is the 3rd box I've purchased from them (you can read the other two unboxings here and here) and this might just be the best one so far.

Let's go through what's in this months box!

 Here's a product I already know I love! The Hurraw Lip Balm, ($6.50) I actually own this flavour/scent already so it's super nice to have a back up to take around with me!

Wild Healing Raw Bath Soak ($3.50) - This looks super intriguing! It says to add 2-3 spoonfuls into a hot bath and the combination of mineral salts and botanicals will help relax and detoxify your body. I'm so ready to test this out! It's such a large packet too!

 Yard Body Therapy Body Balm ($29.95) - First off, this smells amazing (I swear the whole box does!) and I cannot wait to try it. It's a lot harder than a typical all over body lotion/balm which I'm excited for because I don't like any sticky residue, a little will go a long way and it's suppose to nourish and hydrate the skin!
Sorbet In Your Face Solid Face Cleanser ($25.00) - This smells amazing as well but maybe a little too scented for the face, I haven't tested it out yet so hopefully it won't be overpowering. This has coconut oil, mandarin, sweet orange, cocoa butter, fresh raspberries and lots of sea salt to help cleanse any problem area skin. 

 Tula Natural Organic Kiwi & Argan Eye Serum ($18.00) - The all over face serum from this brand was in last months box so it's nice to have the eye serum too! A nice product to apply around the eye area is something I'm lacking in my skin care routine so I'm definitely keen to try this one out!

 Angelic Lily Nourishing Face Moisturizer ($6.00) - This is suppose to be super hydrating and non-greasy! I have never tried anything from this brand so it'll be nice to try out. The only thing I already dislike is that it smells like sunscreen.

 Lastly, the Inika Pure Primer which is full sized and $60.00! I couldn't believe it when I opened the box, this product alone was more expensive than the box itself. Definitely worth it, I haven't tried much from Inika!

And that's it!

There was so much this month and I definitely think I got my moneys worth, a good range of different products especially if you have received other boxes, you could have an entire skincare routine now as they have provided all different types of skincare products which is awesome. The Vegan Beauty Box is $49.95 and like I said, comes every two months filled with vegan, cruelty free, chemical free and palm-oil free products. It's always valued over $60 and with sample, travel sized or full sized products!

If you want to sign up for the next Beauty Box - you can check it out here! I'll be buying mine too! 

As always, thank you for reading! XO

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