Saturday, 28 February 2015

Colourpop Lippie Stix & Lip Pencil Swatches!

Hello! I'm here to show you swatches of all the lippie stix and lip pencils I own from Colourpop - I attempted (and failed) to have lip swatches in this post but I just couldn't, by the 4th lip pencil/lipstick I applied, my lips were chapped and stained and none of the colours were showing up how they usually do and having over 30 lipsticks on my lips for one day was just not on so what I've done is swatch the lipstick with the matching lip pencil and then shown what they look like when mixed together!

Let's start with nude shades!
Bound is a nude pink on it's own but with the lip pencil underneath can turn into a nude brown - I prefer it solo!

 Frida is one of my favourites of them all - a warmer pink that can be turned slightly coral and deeper with the lip pencil!

Luminere - a deeper mauve pink - would be a great nude on a range of different skin tones!

 Easy - a pale baby pink - I can't wear this without the pencil as it's way too frosty on my pigmented lips but I love the two together anyway!

Cake is a light coral with a bold punch to it!

Tipsy - a very neon peach unless worn with the lip pencil - I prefer to add a pink lip pencil with this instead!

Fancy - a mid-tone coral that's not too orange or pink - LOVE!

Brunch - a super bright coral that can lean more pink!

Rocket - Another pinky coral and another favourite of mine!

 Punky - described as a warm neon pink - this is super bright, pigmented and perfect for spring & summer!

Fetch - a warm true pink - similiar to punky but I needed (or wanted, whatever!) both!

Trixie - a red-ish coral, pink that is super bright and bold! I can't really pick what shade it truly is as it looks different every time I swatch and wear it but I love this one too!

I heart this - a red based fuschia, I love wearing just the lipstick on it's own!

 Frenchie - warm neon red - the matte shades last forever especially these bold colours!

Clique - similiar to Frenchie but this is more of an orange red!

 Bossy - a blue based red that would look beautiful on everyone!

Heart on - a cool toned magenta, super pretty!

 Scandy - a cool toned neon pink

Flawless - a deep red violet

And that's all of them!

Colourpop Lippie Stix and Pencils are both $5.00 each - they come in a range of different shades, finishes (satin, glossy, matte), they can be worn alone (both lipsticks and pencils) or they can be mixed and matched with other shades to create your own. All shades that I have are super pigmented and creamy and apply smoothly and I urge you to go buy some for yourself because I clearly cannot get enough!

As always, thank you for reading! xo

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