Friday, 7 February 2014

Bought it, forgot it -

As an avid Youtube beauty guru watcher, I stumbled across this tag/series where you look through your makeup collection and pick out products you may have forgotten about after purchase or products you once loved and moved to the side once you bought new things. Here is a few things I want to make an effort to start using again.

Too Faced Beauty Balm | Shade: Snow Fairy | Purchased: Ebay
I've actually had this for quite a while (as you can probably tell by the dirty packaging!) and I've only used about half. I like the texture and feel of this, it's quite moussey and not too thick, it's light to medium coverage (perfect for work!) and although it does actually have some small glitter throughout it (hence fairy) I don't find it too noticeable. The colour isn't too dark for my incredibly pale skin either so I'm definitely going to start reaching for this again. 

Too Faced - Matte Eye Palette | Purchased: Beautybay
This is the only vegan eyeshadow palette that Too Faced have and I really enjoyed it when I first got it (I think I even had it in a favourites post on my old blog!) but I haven't shown it any love in quite some time. I used to use the top 3 shades religiously every time I did my eyeshadow, all shades are quite pigmented, not chalky and this palette can create basic every day looks especially when you're not looking for any shimmer!

Sleek - Blush by 3 | Shade: Lace | Purchased: Sleek WebsiteSleek's blushes were my all-time favourite for so long, all shades are vegan and all shades are EXTREMELY pigmented. I use a stiffling brush to apply these blushes and the colour lasts the entire day. I picked up this specific trio quite some time ago as it had shades that aren't available individually, the middle shade was a previous favourite of mine as it's the most beautiful pink with gold shimmer shade and really makes my cheeks glow. I'd buy this trio just for that colour alone but even though the picture has thrown off the colours a little, the other two can be buffed out into really nice peachy-red shades! Did I mention how ridiculously cheap Sleek is? And their shipping is only a few dollars too!

Australis - Mega Lash Mascara | Purchased: Priceline
I haven't even tried this yet and it's been sitting in my cupboard for the longest time. Australis have a great range of vegan-friendly products that can be found via their website and the pricing is super cheap too. I'll happily do a small review on this specific product once I've actually tried it out!

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter | Purchased: Mecca Cosmetics
I've only used this once and like a lot of my beauty products, it has just been sitting in my cupboard. I always spot it out and think to myself "I must try this!" and whenever it comes time when I can, I forget about it so this will definitely remind me and give me the push to test it out properly. Soap and glory are another brand that have quite a few vegan-friendly products that can be read here and whether you buy it from Mecca or Ebay, they're very reasonably priced! The only thing I didn't like about this so far is the overwhelming perfume scent, we'll see.

Too Faced - Chocolate Soleil - Shade: Milk Chocolate | Purchased: Ebay
I just realized this is my third Too Faced product on this post but that isn't to say I don't love all of these products because I definitely do. This is a matte bronzer that is for paler skin and it smells good enough to eat. I've used this too many times to count and haven't made a dent in it so far! I've been skipping any type of bronzing or contouring for a while now but lately I've been reaching for this more often and I've rekindled our love!

Motives - Eye Base | Purchased: Motives Website
This is another product I tried once or twice and forgot about. Motives is a brand, I really only found out about last year and they are a completely vegan brand with some absolutely amazing products. (One of their blushes I use almost every single day and they have beautiful eyeshadows!) - I'm going to continue to try more products as the ones I have used are quite impressing. This particular product is just a nude base to cover up any veins/discolouration on the eyelids before applying any colour, as with most of these products, I'll be doing smaller reviews on them once I've had a chance to actually use them!

Michael Todd True Organics - Avocado And Mango Mask
I picked up the dry skin regime from Michael Todd (highly recommend!) and I use the cleanser and moisturizer in my daily skin routine but I have barely touched this mask for some reason. It smells so wonderful and I've been impressed with all the other products so I'm definitely wanting to try using this up more and will follow up with a review on the full regime soon!

I want to know if there's any products you've bought and forgot about!

And as always, thank you for reading! XO

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