Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks | Purchased: Here

Hello and welcome to my review of a few Shanghai Suzy lipsticks I recently picked up. I'm extremely excited to share these with you as I think they're absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend them. I got 3 colours, Fuchsia, Watermelon and Fire Engine Red which are all matte finishes.

Miss Sanja is described as a Fuchsia shade, it's not as bright as I expected but this colour is beautiful and unlike any pink I have, it's more of a pinky-purple and I really enjoy it.

Miss Sally is described as Watermelon and I think it could be my favourite of the 3, it's a coral based pink and it's another shade I don't have anything like in my collection.

Miss Claire is described as a Fire Engine Red and I wore this all day yesterday and got a compliment about it! It's an orange based red and applies smoothly just like the other 2 shades.

I've worn these the last few days in a row and they haven't dried out my lips and have lasted quite long, I haven't used a lip liner and I didn't have too much issue with any feathering or smudging either. You can apply them sheer or a couple swipes will give you full, opaque colour and they apply super smoothly! They're so cheap ($12.95) and they smell exactly like grape hubba bubba which is just a delicious bonus. I love that the packaging has both the name on the bottom and the colour of the shade on top so it's easy to pick out when it's stored. I literally do not have one complaint about these except that I don't have more!

Which shade did you like best or would you like to try?

Also, I just wanted to quickly add a nice shout out to Veronica who runs the website where I bought these lipsticks from ( I've ordered two packages from her now and each time there has been a handwritten, personalised message which I think is such a lovely touch and it's very appreciated, I definitely recommend checking out what other vegan makeup goodies she has to offer!

And as always, thank you for reading! XO

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