Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Haul/Swatches: Silk Naturals Mineral Eyeshadows

Purchased: Silk Naturals

Vegan eyeshadows that are cheap and claim to be a dupe of Urban Decays naked palettes? Don't mind if I do! when I first saw these reviewed, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them and when I came home to find them at my doorstep today and swatched them myself, I had to share them with you all.

The first "set" I picked up was the supposed dupe of Urban Decay's Naked Basic palette which has 6 neutral, matte based (with one satin/shimmer shade) eyeshadows to create every day looks. I've never owned the UD version and I was skeptical about these matte shades by Silk Naturals especially with my experience with any type of mineral makeup let alone eyeshadows but I am absolutely blown away by these! The eyeshadows are incredibly soft, super pigmented and blended so nicely when swatched and I can't wait to create some everyday work-suitable looks with them to test them out!

The other set I got was the supposed dupe of Urban Decay's original Naked palette, I own the Naked 2 but I decided to pick this one to try it out first (maybe now I'll buy SN version of Naked 2 to do a comparison video side by side!)

Again, I was absolutely stoked on how pigmented these are! The picture of the first 4 shades I swatched do not do the actual eyeshadows justice and the rest speak for themselves. I'm most excited for the Caliber shade - look at that colour pay off!

The only downside to these are the packaging as it can be quite messy and isn't exactly that travel friendly but so far, I'm super impressed with them and I'll be doing a follow up post on these!

As always, thank you for reading! XO


  1. Hi, where do you buy in Australia?

  2. Hello! I buy them straight from their website here and they have shipping to Australia! xo